Construction Management

Using OneSurvey to Overcome Unforeseen Construction Site Conditions

A frequent hurdle in construction management is handling change orders that arise from unforeseen site conditions. These changes can drastically impact project timelines, budgets, and client satisfaction. A common scenario involves discovering that the soil conditions at a construction site are not suitable for the planned foundation, requiring a quick redesign and reallocation of resources.

OneSurvey's Solution: Integrated Digital Site Surveys with Immediate Feedback Loop

In the world of construction, unforeseen site conditions can lead to costly delays. John, a seasoned construction manager, recently faced such a challenge but turned it into a success using OneSurvey's advanced features.

During an initial site survey using OneSurvey's tablet app, John and his team meticulously documented the site's conditions. That's when they discovered a crucial discrepancy: the soil composition differed significantly from the initial reports, posing potential risks for the planned foundation work.

John swiftly responded using OneSurvey. He captured detailed photos and audio notes of the problematic soil and annotated the areas of concern directly on the digital site plans. He then promptly shared his findings with the project's civil engineer and the client through OneSurvey's collaboration platform.

The engineering team quickly assessed the situation and proposed a revised foundation design better suited to the actual soil conditions. They shared the updated plans, estimates, and timeline with the client via OneSurvey. The client reviewed and approved the changes in real-time, showcasing OneSurvey's efficiency in facilitating informed decision-making.

By leveraging OneSurvey, John adeptly managed a potentially serious delay. His proactive approach, supported by OneSurvey's digital tools, ensured instant communication, thorough documentation, and the rapid development of a viable solution. OneSurvey helped John adapt to the unforeseen issue with minimal impact on the project's budget and timeline.


Q: How can OneSurvey adapt to the dynamic scheduling needs of construction projects?

A: OneSurvey facilitates dynamic scheduling through its real-time project tracking and updating features. It allows construction managers to adjust project timelines and tasks based on real-world progress and unforeseen challenges, ensuring schedules remain realistic and achievable.

Q: What features does OneSurvey offer for managing subcontractor tasks and communications?

A: The platform includes dedicated tools for assigning tasks to subcontractors, tracking their progress, and facilitating direct communication. This ensures subcontractors are well-coordinated with the project's overall timeline and any changes or updates are communicated efficiently.

Q: Can OneSurvey help in ensuring compliance with construction safety regulations?

A: Absolutely. OneSurvey's customizable quality assurance checklists can be tailored to include safety regulations and standards specific to the construction industry, helping managers ensure every aspect of the project adheres to safety compliance.

Q: How does OneSurvey assist construction managers in budget tracking and financial forecasting?

A: OneSurvey integrates budget management features that enable construction managers to track actual expenses against forecasts in real-time. This helps in identifying budget variances early and allows for adjustments to stay on track financially.

Q: What mechanisms are in place within OneSurvey for risk assessment and mitigation in construction projects?

A: The platform supports risk assessment by allowing managers to document potential risks, their impact, and mitigation strategies within the project plan. Regular updates and progress tracking further assist in monitoring these risks and implementing mitigation measures as needed.

Q: How can construction project stakeholders be kept informed of progress and updates through OneSurvey?

A: OneSurvey enables construction managers to provide stakeholders with access to a client portal where they can view real-time progress updates, access reports, and communicate directly with the project team, enhancing transparency and stakeholder engagement.

Q: Is there support for managing construction materials and inventory within OneSurvey?

A: Yes, OneSurvey offers inventory management features that help in tracking materials from procurement to usage on-site. This ensures that material usage is aligned with project phases and helps in minimizing waste and optimizing resource allocation.

Q: Can OneSurvey handle complex construction project structures with multiple phases and milestones?

A: The platform is designed to manage complex project structures efficiently. It allows for the creation of detailed project phases and milestones, enabling construction managers to plan, monitor, and control each phase effectively.

Q: How does OneSurvey facilitate the collection and use of on-site data for construction projects?

A: With its mobile compatibility, OneSurvey allows team members to collect on-site data such as photos, measurements, and notes directly into the project file. This data can then be used for decision-making, progress tracking, and quality assurance.

Q: What post-construction features does OneSurvey offer for handling handovers and maintenance schedules?

A: After construction, OneSurvey provides tools for creating detailed handover documentation and scheduling maintenance tasks. This ensures a smooth transition to operations and helps in establishing a proactive maintenance schedule for the new facility.

Q: How does OneSurvey support remote construction management and decision-making?

A: OneSurvey's cloud-based infrastructure enables construction managers to access project data, make decisions, and communicate with their teams remotely. This is particularly useful for managing projects across multiple locations or for managers who need to oversee projects off-site.

Q: Can OneSurvey integrate with other construction management software and tools?

A: OneSurvey is built with integration capabilities to work alongside other construction management software and tools. This allows for a seamless flow of information and processes across platforms, enhancing overall project management efficiency

Q: How can construction managers customize OneSurvey to fit the unique needs of their projects?

A: OneSurvey allows for extensive customization, from tailoring checklists and reports to configuring the dashboard to highlight key project metrics. This ensures that the platform can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of any construction project.

Q: What training and support options are available for construction teams adopting OneSurvey?

A: OneSurvey offers a range of training and support options, including online tutorials, user manuals, live support, and personalized training sessions, to ensure construction teams can maximize the platform's capabilities for their projects.