About OneSurvey

OneSurvey is an all-in-one lifecycle management solution that our intuitive, device-independent platform simplifies your process, paving the way for efficiency and success. Born out of a need to simplify complex processes, lower operating costs, and enhance environmental footprints, OneSurvey is a cloud-based powerhouse designed for technology integrators, property managers, and system owners. Created for savvy technology integrators, property managers, and system owners, it seamlessly orchestrates the lifecycle of your facility systems - from data collection to design, estimation, installation, and long-term management.

Our Features

OneSurvey is packed with features tailored to meet your needs. From easy-to-access desktop and tablet interfaces to digital site surveying, detailed design creation, proposal generation, installation planning, quality assurance, and service ticketing, we've got you covered. And let's not forget about LiveBuilt, our digital interactive record of installations that clients can easily access anytime.

Our Impact

OneSurvey is trusted by businesses in various verticals, including commercial buildings, manufacturing, government, property management, healthcare, education, and more. Our platform is used in a wide range of systems like network design, building management, security, IT, AV, energy monitoring, and more. But don't just take our word for it - see how OneSurvey has transformed projects similar to yours.

Join the OneSurvey Digital Revolution

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