System Integrators (MSP)

Empower Your MSP Business with OneSurvey

Hey System Integrators and MSPs, ready to revolutionize the way you manage and deploy technology solutions? With OneSurvey, dive into a seamless experience that simplifies complex integrations and boosts your operational efficiency. Say goodbye to disjointed systems and hello to smooth sailing.

For MSPs striving to excel in technology facility management and low voltage/security system installations, OneSurvey offers a competitive edge. Its blend of comprehensive features, from digital surveying to project management and beyond, sets a new standard for efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.


Q: As an MSP, how can we efficiently transition from site surveys to project proposals using OneSurvey?

A: OneSurvey streamlines this transition by allowing you to directly convert detailed site surveys into comprehensive project proposals. The platform facilitates real-time data capture during surveys and integrates this data into customizable proposal templates, significantly reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.

Q: What tools does OneSurvey offer for MSPs to manage multi-site technology installations?

A: For MSPs handling multi-site installations, OneSurvey provides centralized project management features, including a dashboard for monitoring multiple projects, tools for assigning tasks and tracking progress across sites, and capabilities for comparing site requirements and resource allocation to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Q: How can our MSP leverage OneSurvey for better client communication and project transparency?

A: OneSurvey enhances client communication through its client portal, where clients can view project progress in real-time, access digital site surveys, and interact directly with your team. This transparency builds trust and allows for immediate feedback, making clients feel more involved in the process.

Q: Can OneSurvey help our MSP ensure compliance with industry standards during installations?

A: Absolutely. OneSurvey includes customizable quality assurance checklists that align with industry standards, ensuring that all installations meet required specifications. This feature helps prevent compliance issues and facilitates a smooth certification process post-installation.

Q: In what way does OneSurvey assist MSPs in risk management throughout the project lifecycle?

A: OneSurvey aids in identifying potential risks early through detailed site surveys and design reviews. It allows for the documentation of these risks and the implementation of mitigation strategies within the project plan. Continuous monitoring and quality assurance checks further help in managing and mitigating risks effectively.

Q: How does OneSurvey facilitate the coordination of onsite and offsite teams for MSPs?

A: The platform provides a unified workspace that both onsite and offsite teams can access. This includes shared calendars for scheduling, task assignment features, and real-time updates, ensuring that all team members, regardless of their location, are synchronized and informed.

Q: What features does OneSurvey have to support MSPs in hardware and software integration projects?

A: OneSurvey supports integration projects by allowing MSPs to catalog hardware and software requirements within the project design, create detailed installation plans that include integration points, and track the progress of both hardware installations and software deployments.

Q: How can OneSurvey help our MSP handle the complexities of managing subcontractors and external partners?

A: The platform enables MSPs to assign roles and tasks to subcontractors, track their progress, and manage communications through a centralized system. This ensures that external partners are aligned with project goals and timelines, facilitating better coordination and accountability.

Q: Does OneSurvey provide a way for MSPs to track project budgets and expenses in real-time?

A: Yes, OneSurvey includes budget tracking and expense management features, allowing MSPs to input project budgets, track real-time expenses, and adjust forecasts as needed. This helps in maintaining financial control and preventing budget overruns.

Q: Can we customize OneSurvey's dashboard to highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to our MSP operations?

A: Absolutely. OneSurvey's dashboard is fully customizable, enabling MSPs to configure it to display KPIs critical to their operations, such as project timelines, budget status, compliance checkpoints, and client satisfaction metrics, ensuring that key data is always at your fingertips.

Q: How does OneSurvey handle data security, particularly when dealing with sensitive client information?

A: OneSurvey prioritizes data security by implementing robust encryption for data in transit and at rest, access controls to restrict data visibility to authorized personnel only, and regular security audits to ensure compliance with the highest data protection standards.

Q: As an MSP, how can we use OneSurvey to streamline our service ticketing and post-installation support?

A: OneSurvey integrates a service ticketing system that allows clients to report issues directly within the platform. MSPs can then assign tickets to technicians, track resolution progress, and communicate updates to clients, streamlining post-installation support and enhancing client satisfaction.

Q: What capabilities does OneSurvey offer for MSPs to perform offline site surveys in remote locations?

A: For remote or poorly connected sites, OneSurvey offers an offline mode that allows surveyors to capture and store data locally on their devices. Once connectivity is restored, the data automatically syncs with the main project file, ensuring that site information is accurately captured and integrated.

Q: How can OneSurvey assist MSPs in maintaining an up-to-date inventory of client technology assets?

A: The platform features an asset management tool that MSPs can use to record and track client technology assets, including specifications, installation locations, and maintenance history. This tool facilitates efficient asset tracking, helping MSPs provide timely maintenance and support.

Q: Can our MSP use OneSurvey for predictive maintenance scheduling and execution?

A: Yes, OneSurvey's asset tracking capabilities are complemented by maintenance scheduling features, enabling MSPs to plan and execute predictive maintenance based on asset usage data and historical maintenance records, reducing downtime and extending asset lifespan.

Q: How does OneSurvey support MSPs in project scalability, particularly when expanding services or entering new markets?

A: OneSurvey is designed for scalability, supporting MSPs in managing an increasing number of projects and clients with ease. Its modular structure allows for the addition of new services and markets, ensuring that MSPs can grow their operations without compromising on efficiency or quality.

Q: In the context of MSPs, how does OneSurvey enable project replication for similar client setups across different locations?

A: OneSurvey allows MSPs to create project templates based on successful installations, which can be easily replicated and customized for similar client setups in different locations. This feature saves time, ensures consistency in service delivery, and leverages proven solutions.

Q: What ongoing support and training does OneSurvey offer to MSPs to maximize the utilization of the platform?

A: OneSurvey provides comprehensive support and training programs, including online tutorials, documentation, live webinars, and dedicated customer support teams. These resources are designed to help MSPs fully understand and leverage the platform's capabilities, ensuring successful project execution and client satisfaction.