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Site Survey As A Service

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Transform Your Site Surveys into a Revenue-Generating Service

Traditional site surveys often involve manual processes — notes on paper, scattered photographs, and disconnected data. These methods, while foundational, are hard to monetize as standalone services due to their perceived low value-add in the eyes of clients.


New Revenue Source 

Leveraging OneSurvey positions clients as industry frontrunners by adopting advanced digital survey tools that offer precision, efficiency, and a modern approach to site management, setting them apart from competitors still relying on traditional methods.

New Revenue Streams  

Reduced Overhead

Increased Close Rates

Accelerated Project Completion

Enhanced Project Documentation

Boost Your Bottom Line: SSAAS Turns Precision Surveying into Profit

Site Survey As A Service (SSAAS)

Site Survey As A Service is powered by OneSurvey — a digital revolution that transforms every aspect of your site surveys into a comprehensive, monetizable service. With SSAAS, you're not just conducting surveys; you're providing a complete digital experience that adds undeniable value to your clients.

By digitizing the entire site survey process with SSAAS and OneSurveyApp, installers can expedite project cycles, minimize manual efforts, and enhance accuracy, leading to increased efficiency, quicker turnaround times, and ultimately, greater revenue and profit margins.

Get You Unfair Competitive Advantage

Financially Smart Surveys: SSaaS Increases Your Service Value and Revenue

What's in it for You, the AsOneForce Installer?

Benefits of SSaaS

Risk Mitigation: By providing detailed and accurate site surveys, reduce the likelihood of costly errors or rework, thereby mitigating project risks and associated expenses.

Utilize the Best Practices Album within OneSurveyApp's Project Gallery "Best practices” pictures to significantly reduce field errors and faulty installations. This repository of proven methods and successful project templates ensures higher accuracy in execution, leading to faster project completion and increased overall project quality.

Invest in SSAAS: Where Cutting-Edge Surveying Meets Revenue Growth

The Next Generation of Proposals

DocXGPT is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to streamline and enhance your proposal generation process.


Reap the Rewards of Digital Efficiency & AI : SSAAS Enhances Profit Margins for Contractors