Team Roles

Q: What are the different team roles in OneSurvey?

A: Common roles include Surveyor, Designer, Estimator, Technician, Organization Admin, Account Manager and Client.

Q: What does a Surveyor do?

A: The Surveyor conducts site surveys, documents existing conditions, and collects site data during the Profile and Pre-Design stages.

Q: What is the Designer responsible for?

A:The Designer finalizes the system design based on site survey data during the Design stage.

Q: What does an Estimator do?

A: The Estimator creates a detailed project estimate and proposal during the Take Off stage.

Q: What are the Installer's responsibilities?

A: The Installer or Technician handles on-site system implementation during the Deployment stage.

Q: What does a Field Manager do?

A: The Field Manager coordinates and oversees the on-site installation work during Deployment.

Q: What is the Project Manager's role?

A: The Project Manager takes overall project responsibility and coordinates between teams and the client.

Q: What does the Account Manager handle?

A: The Account Manager is the primary client interface handling sales, contracts, approvals and payments, and they have access in all stages of the project lifecycle.

Q: What is the Client's role?

A: The Client is the end customer who commissions the project and approves milestones from scoping to completion.

Q: How are user permissions set for each role?

A: Access permissions are configured by the organization admin to align with each role's responsibilities in the project workflow stages.

Q: How can I see the assigned employees for my project?

A: In each stage of the project, there is an 'Opportunity Team' dropdown. This dropdown displays the assigned employees for your project, including the Account Manager, Surveyor, Designer, Proposal, and Technicians.

Q: How can I delete a project?

A: Only an admin can delete a project. This can be done from the 'Admin Control' dropdown in each stage of the project. Please note that this dropdown is not visible from the employee portals.

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