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Precise Scaling for Accuracy In the profile stage, scaling accuracy is a high priority. We provide a function that adjusts the drawing based on standard door or parking space sizes. This step lays the foundation for the next crucial phase - pre-design and site survey.

A site survey is scheduled with the client. A surveyor walks through the site with the client, reviewing the floor plan, and making changes to the Pre-Design.

Pre-design and Walkthrough

In the pre-design stage, the account manager or surveyor lays the groundwork for the security system - choosing cables and devices. This preliminary design serves as a guide for the surveyor during the field work, facilitating efficient data collection and ensuring that key design concepts are not overlooked.

Picture Perfect Recording

The surveyor uses a tablet to capture pictures of each planned element, providing clear visuals of pre-installation positions. The tablet software enables easy note-taking, audio recording, and image capture, creating a comprehensive picture of each stage of the survey.

Preparing the Design

The extent of information captured during a site survey may vary due to time constraints, the surveyor's knowledge, and the clients' security understanding. Nonetheless, once the client verifies the data, the pre-design morphs into a complete site survey ready for the next stage of the process. This systematic approach offers improved communication, precise planning, and an organized workflow for every project. Once the site walkthrough and pre-design is complete, a design engineer goes over all the information - cable parts, camera locations, potential conduits, and lifts - to finalize the design.