Site Surveys

Q: When is a site survey conducted?

A: The site survey is done during the Pre-Design Stage after initial planning and element selection is complete.

Q: Who conducts the site survey?

A: Typically a Surveyor will conduct the physical on-site survey.

Q: What tools do I need for the site survey?

A: Bring a tablet loaded with the floor plan, a tape measure, camera, and any other needed tools to accurately capture dimensions and photos on site.

Q: How do I document the location of elements?

A: Drag each element icon onto its planned location on the floor plan on your tablet. Add labels and take photos of each location.

Q: How do I document inaccessible areas?

A: Add text notes, markers, or photos noting areas that are inaccessible or hidden from view.

Q: How do I share the site survey data with others?

A: Export and email the updated floor plan from your tablet, or sync changes online so everyone has access.

Q: How do I ensure that the drawing is scaled correctly during the site survey?

A: In the profile stage, we ensure that the drawing is scaled correctly using a function that allows us to adjust it based on standard door or parking space sizes. Once completed, we can proceed to the next stage called pre-design. This refined process provides clearer communication and better organization for all involved.

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