Precision Deployments, Happy Clients 

No More Guesswork

The burden of carrying printed floor plans is a thing of the past. Armed with the One survey on a tablet, field managers can review pictures, guide installation, and make necessary changes on the fly, while technicians can focus solely on the installation.

Our deployment module, designed for technicians and field managers, ensures that every detail is accounted for, and no mistakes are made throughout the installation process.

Transforming Feedback Into Action Field managers and technicians can address every aspect of installation, documenting their fixes with before and after photos. This way, every security system installation project reaches the LiveBuilt stage in impeccable shape.

QA That Catches Everything

Our integrated QA module is not just about finding issues; it's about resolving them effectively. It includes a detailed checklist for every item, and provides space for additional comments if needed.



Our Quality Assurance function allows a specialist to check every icon, hardware, and cable against the final plan. If they find any discrepancies, they can utilize the systems integrated punch list to meet the greatest standard.