Every Image Tells a Story.

Use the intuitive, cloud-based gallery where every survey snapshot becomes a narrative. Our platform transforms routine data collection into a visual journey, making every photo a chapter in your I.T. deployment project's story from start to finish. 

Experience the future of survey management, optimized for mobile use, and designed for the modern professional.

Capture, Share, Succeed

Experience the future of survey management, optimized for mobile use, and designed for the modern professional.

With OneSurvey Gallery, your project photos automatically populate your digital workspace. Effortlessly sort, filter, and manage images with our user-friendly interface, all on your mobile device. Experience real-time updates and cloud-based synchronization, ensuring your project's story is always current and accessible

 Revolutionize Site Reporting

OneSurveyApp Gallery...

All managed within the cloud, offering real-time updates and access. This enables site supervisors to have immediate oversight over project images, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest developments on site.

Go to your collections, select specific photos for focused albums, and share these curated experiences with your team or clients. Our platform's flexibility allows you to present your data in the most impactful way.

OneSurveyApp  Albums 

Customizable Filtering

At OneSurvey, we understand that managing the visual aspects of your project is as important as the project itself. Our Albums feature is designed to bring structure, clarity, and efficiency to the way you organize and share project imagery. Here’s how OneSurvey transforms your project snapshots into a powerful visual tool:

Album Types You Can Create:


Create specific albums for various needs with just a few taps. Each album serves a unique purpose, showcasing only the relevant images you’ve selected.

Enhance Collaboration with Bidirectional Task Management.

Streamlined Task Assignment

Live Feedback and Updates

Improved Collaboration

Enhanced Oversight with Every Click

OneSurvey Gallery is more than a photo repository; it's a hub for project management and collaboration. Track progress, and update your gallery with ease. Our platform supports a seamless flow of information, keeping your team connected and informed at every step of the project.

A view from behind a 40-year-old project owner (client) and a 30-year-old field installer, both looking at a tablet in a large office setting

Maximize Project Efficiency with OneSurveyApp's 'Best Practices' Album. Tap into a curated collection of top-tier examples and templates within the Project Gallery to diminish on-site mistakes and enhance installation accuracy.

This vault of validated techniques and exemplary project blueprints is your key to precise execution, accelerated project timelines, and enhanced quality standards across the board.

Elevate Your Project with Smart Photo Documentation

For business owners, these features translate into better project oversight, enhanced communication, streamlined reporting, and improved quality assurance. The ability to create, share, and manage Albums effectively makes it easier to keep stakeholders informed and engaged, leading to more efficient project management and potentially higher client satisfaction.