No More Paper

Unlock the power of going digital! Simplify management, enhance accessibility, and boost collaboration with our mobile-ready as-built documents. OneSurvey has been designed with various user interfaces including easy access through Android and Apple phones or tablets -- and of course, any desktop computer.

No matter where you are, your project details are just a tap away.



Easy Interface

Customize OneSurvey's dashboard into a comprehensive CRM and live project management ecosystem

For Clients

OneSurvey allows clients to have an in-depth and transparent view of the entire project lifecycle. This includes access to real-time updates, which means clients can see what's happening on their projects at any time, ensuring that everything is progressing according to plan and to their expectations.

OneSurvey ensures that clients can quickly get in touch with the accounting and design team, receive prompt answers to their inquiries, and make decisions faster.  Post-project, OneSurvey serves as a management tool for clients to use in the upkeep and operation of their facilities. 

For Contractors

OneSurvey provides contractors with a comprehensive tool to oversee all aspects of a project from inception to completion. This includes planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and tracking progress, all within a single platform, reducing the need for multiple software solutions.  Contractors often work in the field, and OneSurvey’s mobile functionality allows them to access project data, communicate with team members, and manage tasks directly from their smartphones or tablets.

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