System Lifecycle Management Software

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Tablet Interface

Versatile user interfaces that allow for access through Android and Apple tablets as well as desktop.


Live Records


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Client Benefits

Enhanced Visibility and Communication

Monitor projects in real-time and engage directly with contractors.

Mitigated Risk and Liability

Ensure safety, security, and compliance through rigorous QA.

Customized Deliverables
Get tailored proposals and interactive "LiveBuilt" documents.

Responsive Service and Support

Get quick resolution of requests through built-in ticketing.

Operational Efficiency

Centralize asset data and seamlessly scale sites with easy expansions.

Contractor Benefits

Accelerate Growth with Faster Proposals
Quickly generate polished, customized proposals to win more business.

Reduce Costs through Collaboration

Streamline communication and tasks between the field and office.

Deliver Higher Quality Installations
QA features ensure compliance and identify issues early.

Improve Customer Relationships
Provide real-time visibility and quickly respond to service needs.

Optimize Operations at Scale

Manage rollouts, maintenance, and assets efficiently across properties.

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What are Group Elements?

Originally, icons and elements were created for individual placement on a survey app. However, the need arose to place multiple elements in a single location. For instance, IDF closets might require multiple pieces of equipment, and placing numerous icons for cables, routers, and switches could make the floor plan look crowded.

To address this, the concept of "Group Elements" was introduced. These are predefined series of icons organized into a single icon. When you click on a Group Element, it reveals all the individual elements added to it.

"Group Elements" allow you to manage multiple icons in a single area, ensuring that floor plans remain uncluttered and easy to interpret.

Key Features of Group Elements

Group Elements are a revolutionary tool in floor plan design, offering a balance between detailed representation and visual clarity. By bundling multiple icons into a single representation, they ensure that floor plans remain organized, interpretable, and user-friendly.