Q: I'm new to OneSurvey. How do I find and view the projects I'm working on?

A: As a new user, accessing your projects may seem confusing at first. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

-First, look for the "Projects" button on the main navigation bar at the left of the OneSurvey screen. Click on this button, which will take you to the Projects page.

-On the Projects page, you will see a list of all the projects you have access to. If you are an employee, you may only see the specific projects you are assigned to. If you are an admin, you may see all your organization's projects.

-To open a project, simply click on the project name in the list. This will take you into that project's folder.

-Inside the project folder, you will see the different stages of that project laid out, with options to access and edit each stage. Click through the stages to view details, upload files, make edits, and more.

-If you ever need to get back to the main Projects page, there is a "Back" button in the top left that will take you back one page at a time until you reach the Projects list.

Q: I can't find a project I need to work on in my Projects list. What should I do?

A: There are a couple reasons you may not see a project you need in your Projects list:

-You may not have access to that particular project yet. Your admin or manager will need to grant you access for it to show up. Reach out to them if you are missing a project.

-It may be in another organization's account. If you work across multiple organizations, you'll need to switch organizations to see their projects. Use the Organization Search bar at the top to search for and switch organizations.

-It's possible there is a technical issue. Try refreshing the page or logging out and back in. If the problem persists, contact OneSurvey support for troubleshooting.

-You might be viewing the wrong stage of the project. Make sure to click into the different project stages from your Dashboard to see details, uploads, and edits.

Q: What are the different stages I see when I open a project?

A: The stages you see represent the different phases of the project workflow in OneSurvey. Here's a quick overview of each one:

1. Profile Stage: This is where the initial site floor plans are uploaded and elements are pre-selected.

2. Pre-Design Stage: Detailed project surveying is conducted and additional elements added.

3. Design Stage: The system design is finalized based on survey information.

4. Take Off Stage: Material costs are estimated and a project proposal created.

5. Deployment Stage: Physical installation and implementation of the designed system.

6. LiveBuilt Stage: Final stage where client can view finished project and submit tickets.

-Each stage involves different roles doing their tasks, from surveyors adding elements, designers creating layouts, to technicians installing equipment.

-As the project progresses, it will be moved from one stage to the next by clicking the corresponding button.

Q: I'm trying to create a new project but don't see where to do it. What are the steps?

A: Creating a new project is easy once you know where to look. Just follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Projects" button in the main navigation bar.

2. On the Projects page, look for a button to add a new project. It may be labeled "New Project" or have a "+" icon.

3. Clicking the new project button will open a pop-up form to enter details like the project name, number, client name, etc.

4. Fill in all the details and hit submit. The new project should now appear in your Projects list.

5. Click into the new project to access the folder containing the different workflow stages.

-Let your admin know if you require the permissions to create new projects for your organization.

Q: What are the Contact Information, Site Information, and Team Information sections for in a project?

A: These sections help provide key details related to each project:

-Contact Information: This stores point of contact info for the client, like name, phone, email, address etc. Ensures you have customer data handy.

-Site Information: Provides specifics on the physical installation location, like the address and any access instructions. Critical for surveyors and installers.

-Team Information: Lists out the team members involved in the project, their roles, and contact info. Helps you identify who to collaborate with.

-These sections are filled out when creating a new project and capture details that will be needed through each stage of the workflow. The information can also be exported if required.

Q: How do I create a new project?


1. Go to the "Projects" page in the main navigation bar.

2. Click on the "+ NEW PROJECT" button.

3. Enter the project name, number, client name, and other details in the form.

4. Click "Create Project" to create the new project profile.

Q. How do I find a project?


1. Go to the "Projects" page.

-You will see a list of all your accessible projects.

- Use the search bar to search for the project name.

2. Click on the project name result to open it.

Q: How do I access a project's stages?


1. Go to "Projects" and click on the project name to open it.

- This will take you to the Project Dashboard.

- Here you can click on the tiles for each stage to access them - Profile, Design etc.

4. How do I edit a project?

1. Go to "Projects", click the project name, and click "Edit" in the top right.

- Here you can edit the name, client, details for this project.

- Click "Submit" after making any changes.

Q: How do I search for a specific project in OneSurvey?

A: To search for a specific project, you can use the search bar in the 'Projects' section. Simply type the name of the project you're looking for into the search bar. The system will automatically filter the project list based on your input, showing only those projects that match your search criteria.

Q: How do I edit the details of a project?

A: To edit the details of a project, locate the project in the 'Projects' page and click on the edit button (pencil icon) next to it. This will allow you to edit some of the information of a project, such as the project name, client user, and client organization. Make sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

Q: How do I create a new project in OneSurvey?

A: To create a new project, navigate to the 'Projects' section and click on the '+ NEW PROJECT' button. This will open a form where you can input the details of the new project, such as its name. You will also need to select the client company and save the client user that had to have been previously created by navigating to the 'Clients' page the main navigation bar. Once you've filled out all the necessary information, click 'Save' to create the project.

Q: How do I ensure that the drawing of my project is scaled correctly?

A: In the profile stage of a project, there is a function that allows you to adjust the scale of the drawing based on standard door or parking space sizes. This ensures that the drawing is scaled correctly and accurately represents the project site. Once the scale is set correctly, you can proceed to the next stage called Pre-Design.

Q: How do I organize my floor plans in OneSurvey?

A: In OneSurvey, floor plans are organized in folders named after the project. When you create a new project, a corresponding folder is automatically created for it. You can upload floor plans to this folder, which helps keep your work organized and makes it easier to find specific floor plans when you need them.

Q: How do I add a new client to a project?

A: To add a new client to a project, you first need to create the client by navigating to the "Clients" page found on the main navigation bar. Once the client has been created, you can add them to a project by selecting the project in the 'Projects' subpage and clicking on the edit button (pencil icon). In the edit form, you can select the client from a dropdown list. Make sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

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