Stay More Organized with Task Management Integration

Our Bidirectional Task module is a versatile and user-friendly task management tool that’s perfect for teams and organizations. Whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go, this system is designed to help you assign and keep track of tasks effortlessly.

OneSurvey's task management tool elevates business profitability by meticulously organizing tasks and deadlines. Its communication features streamline team interactions, reducing reliance on emails and meetings, thus saving significant time and directly contributing to a stronger bottom line.

The app maintains a database of all tasks, their statuses, and related information, creating a record of activities and assignments.

Multi-Platform Synchronization: The app ensures that tasks and their statuses are synchronized across the desktop and mobile applications for all users involved.

Enhanced Communication: The software improves communication channels within the software, reducing misunderstandings and delays. Efficient Project Management: It streamlines project planning and execution. Centralized Information: Offers a single source of information for all tasks and projects. Improved Resource Allocation: Provides insights into resource utilization. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Well-organized tasks and teams lead to higher customer satisfaction. Better Decision Making: Real-time data and analytics support informed decision-making. Reduced Overheads: Automates task management, reducing the need for extensive administrative staff. Increased Transparency and Accountability: Clear task assignments and progress tracking improve accountability.

Stay on Track with Calendar Integration

Once you assign a task, it pops up on the assignee’s calendar within the app—available on both mobile and desktop. This way, no task gets lost in the shuffle.

Effortless Communication and Updates

Stay updated with the progress through emails and comments.

Observers can track the task without being directly involved if CC'd.

Setting Up Tasks Is a Breeze

With our Task Assignment Interface, creating tasks is straightforward:

Choose a date and assign it to a team member.

Determine the priority level, deadline, and the next steps after the task is done.

Include all the nitty-gritty details like task descriptions, useful links, and even attach documents and images.

Efficiency: "Maximize time, minimize effort. Task management streamlines your workflow, cutting through complexity to keep you on track."  Organization: "Order out of chaos. Organize tasks to clear your mind, structure your work, and navigate projects with ease."  Prioritization: "Focus where it counts. Distinguish critical tasks from the noise, ensuring you tackle what matters most, first."  Collaboration: "Together, stronger. Foster team synergy by coordinating efforts and sharing the workload effectively."  Transparency: "Visibility for all. Keep your team aligned with clear insights into every task's status and dependencies."  Accountability: "Own your work. Clear task assignments mean every team member knows their responsibilities, boosting engagement and output."  Progress Tracking: "Watch progress unfold. Real-time updates provide a roadmap from task inception to completion, celebrating every milestone along the way."

A user can input a date, select the assignee, set the task's priority, and define the deadline and a field called next action. A detailed input window allows the inclusion of all task-related information, such as descriptions, links, and the ability to upload relevant documents and pictures.