No Floor Plan? No Problem.

Use the Integrated Module to Conduct Site Surveys. No Expertise Needed. JobCapture is Easy to Use.

Don't worry about sites with limited internet access. JobCapture is stable offline.

If you acquire a floor plan later on. You can easily transfer the photos from JobCapture over to the relevant icons on the map.

With geolocation enabled, you can track precisely where the photos were taken, making it easy to know which icons they belong to.

Team Sharing

Offline Functionality


JobCapture eliminates the need for pre-prepared floor plans. Launch a new session with a tap, document every detail on the go, and synchronize everything when you're back online.

Say goodbye to the days of returning to the office only to realize you missed documenting crucial details. It's the ideal solution for dynamic site environments, cutting down on prep time and streamlining data collection.

The core functionality allows users to name an activity (referred to as a "job"), start a timer, take pictures, and add notes to each image. This is particularly useful when physical layouts like floor plans are unavailable. The app can categorize and label images and notes by specific sections or rooms, streamlining data organization.