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Accelerate your Operations with OneSurvey, your Centralized App for all Low Voltage Innovation.


Digitally Transform

Your Operations

An app to solve project communication and accountability issues by prioritizing visual and audio communication as the primary means of interaction. 

Optimize coordination and elevate project communication

From initial site assessment to final installation, OneSurvey offers a comprehensive platform designed to simplify your operations, save time, and optimize project management.

Stay on the same page with all stakeholders and keep every project on track, effortlessly.

With OneSurvey, you can easily transform your designs into winning estimates and proposals. It offers ready-to-use templates and allows you to store multiple designs for your client to choose from.


Flawless Designs 

Professional Proposals

Real-Time Tracking


Trusted Affiliates

Streamlined Project Management

Quality Assurance Elevate your service quality with OneSurvey's robust quality assurance features. Ensure meticulous reviews, maintain compliance standards, and document every step of your work. Excel in delivering excellence.

Efficiency from Design to Installation Unlock the power of detailed surveying tools and an intuitive interface. Enhance accuracy, speed up design and installation, and watch your projects come to life seamlessly.

Intuitive Navigation

Use With Confidence

Easy Collaboration Enhance your teamwork with OneSurvey's collaboration tools. Connect surveyors, designers, estimators, technicians, and clients on a unified platform. 


OneSurvey is proud to support businesses and clients worldwide in their technology facility management needs.

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