Effortless Design

Collaborative Process for Optimal Results During this phase, a designer interacts closely with the client to clarify any uncertainties and make necessary updates, such as altering locations.

With substantial dialogue between designers and clients we ensure that the final design aligns perfectly with the customer's expectations.

Changing design and QA checklist.webm

Design Stage – Bringing Precision to Every Detail

How do we ensure all your specific project requirements are met seamlessly? For instance, there may be ambiguity about the type of camera needed - indoor or outdoor. In such cases, a design engineer steps in to gather all pertinent details about hardware, cables, conduits, and manufacturers. The objective is to create a thorough and exact design with zero lingering doubts.

Flawless Designs 

Turn site surveys into comprehensive designs using OneSurvey's intuitive design features. Live collaboration ensures all information is at your fingertips, reducing back-and-forth communication.

Preparing to Win  By meticulously addressing every detail during the design stage, we guarantee a smooth transition to the execution phase, resulting in a successful project delivery. Once the design gets the green light, it is handed over to an estimator. At this point, it becomes imperative to finalize manufacturers, hardware types, cables, and other specifics. This precision is not only vital to fulfill project requirements but also to meet city codes, electrical codes, and low-voltage codes.


OneSurvey's right-hand side field tools allow a designer to add detailed information to the selected icon, enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the survey. 

Anyone on site can take a new photo and edit it by adding notes or drawing on it. This provides a way to highlight specific features or areas of interest