Predict, Plan, and Profit 

Simple Interface and Accessible Resources Estimators can easily pinpoint the total quantity of hardware elements, gadgets, and costs, including taxes, required for the project. 

Sales & Proposals: Seamlessly transition from design to sales, with detailed proposals prepared for client review.

Comprehensive Design Review: Every design element is backed by a unique database, ensuring meticulous review and optimization of the procurement process.

Efficient Estimation: Using OneSurvey, estimators access floor plans, icons, drawings, and more. Elements data is presented in an intuitive, Excel-like environment for clarity.

The Power of DocXGPT

OneSurvey is equipped with a powerful documentation proposal generator, DocXGPT. This standalone application empowers account managers to create tailor-made proposals for clients based on the takeoff metrics and pricing data furnished by the estimator. It seamlessly converts the spreadsheet into an easily digestible document, offering both a summary and detailed pricing information.


Progressing to Deployment Installation  This meticulous approach ensures our estimates are not only accurate but also thoroughly detailed for total transparency.