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The Path Calculator is a dynamic feature within the One Survey App designed to assist technicians, design engineers or estimators in planning the routing of cables and conduits within a building's infrastructure. They can come up with the estimated total length and projection pricing  Users can calculate the necessary path between two points, such as from a Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to a cable endpoint, or from a Network Distribution Frame (NDF) or IDF ( intermediate Distribution Frame )  to a camera installation. The tool is versatile for complex environments where cables may need to transition from outdoor to indoor settings or navigate through intricate pathways within a building. The application interface includes a floor plan onto which users can place icons representing different elements like cables (e.g., Cat 6) or cameras. Icons are interactive and represent the specific type of cable or equipment, with attributes such as whether the cable is gel-filled, plenum, non-plenum, armored, or shielded.

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Reduces the likelihood of human error in manual calculations, leading to fewer mistakes and less rework. Engineers can easily explore different design scenarios and make informed decisions on the go. Get instant calculations, which can significantly shorten project timelines, and generate detailed reports that can be used for project management, compliance, and documentation. The path calculator simplifies the complex task of path calculation with an intuitive user interface, making it accessible to a wider range of users. The path calculator can often be integrated with other software tools, enhancing its utility and allowing for seamless data transfer between systems (i.e. docs and spreadsheets). 

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The "Path Calulator" precisely calculates the length of cable or conduit required, reducing waste and ensuring accurate budgeting. Speed up the planning phase by automating complex calculations, allowing for quick adjustments and scenario analysis. You can use it to determine the most cost-effective routing and materials, potentially lowering the overall expense of the project. By providing clear routing paths, it minimizes the time technicians spend on-site figuring out installation paths, which can reduce labor costs.

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The Path Calculator is a practical tool for estimating the length and cost of materials needed for a project. It helps in determining the quantity of conduit required, considering whether the routing is internal or external to the building. Designers can make informed decisions on the types of conduits to use, based on the precise calculations provided by the tool. By integrating the Path Calculator into the planning process, infrastructure design becomes more accurate, cost-effective, and efficient, streamlining the installation process and minimizing waste.

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